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Vilda Malmö - Guided programs

Naturum Öresund conducts guided tours in collaboration with Vilda Malmö, the City of Malmö's initiative to make nature close to the city accessible. Naturum Öresund conducts guided tours along the coast and in the sea with a focus on life below the surface. But through Vilda Malmö you will also find guided tours in parks and other natural areas.

Look out for more guided tours in the future!

Eel safari on Ribban

Join a guided snorkelling trip at dusk! The mythical eel is most active during the dark hours of the day.

At Ribban, it is not uncommon to encounter the hunter looking for prey among the seaweed, during a snorkel in the twilight.


Before we go out into the water, we share fascinating facts about the eel.

Time required:  ca 2 hours

Who can participate: Good swimmers from the age of 15+

Number per group:  8 participants

Equipment:  Please bring swimwear and towel. Preferably your own snorkeling equipment, otherwise equipment is lent out at naturum Öresund

Opportunity:  New slots are coming this autumn!

Eel safari 2013-0244-1 © 2013 Michael Pal
Booking not available

If you want to know more about Vilda Malmö - click here

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