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Pedagogisk verksamhet


For preschools and schools within Malmö stad 

During school terms, naturum Öresund offers educational programs for different ages, all with a focus on the sea and ocean literacy. The programs are customised for students in preschool, elementary school, high school, special need school and SFI. Through fun and educational outdoor activities and assignments, we want to arouse students' interest and commitment to the fantastic environment that hides beneath the surface. 

Our educational programs are carried out in the mornings and are available for both school and special school. Please indicate, when booking if there are special needs in the class that our educators may need to know, under "Other info"


If you instead wish to visit naturum Öresund with your class or group for a short time, you can consider booking a study visit in the afternoons. You can also visit the exhibition and the aquariums on your own during naturum's regular opening hours.

For preschools and schools in Malmö's vicinity

Because our educational programs are financed by Malmö city, we can only enable classes within Malmö municipality in our regular program activities. School classes from other municipalities are warmly welcome to visit us during naturum's regular opening hours. Feel free to book a study visit to get the very best experience of Öresund.

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