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Summer activities 2024
18/6 - 10/8

Naturum's summer activities offer many opportunities for all ages - children and adults - to get to know the Öresund's flora and fauna in our guided activities. The activities are free of charge unless otherwise stated.  ​


Safety is important to us and our activities have age limits, usually a minimum age and Barnens Hav also has an upper age limit. Sometimes an adult needs to participate even if the children are the right age.


The age limits are created so that the activities are meaningful, safe and secure for everyone, both participants and staff. Therefore, we are also grateful  for all compliance with our age limits and group sizes in the guided activities. All information is described under each activity.

There are many who want to book activities. Please cancel your booking in case of hindrance.

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Visit the exhibition

Learn more about Öresund's development and rich and exciting flora and fauna in our interactive exhibition. Read books, play games and be creative in our creative workshop freely.

Opening hours: Tue - Sat 10.00 - 16.30.

Things to think about:  Admission is free. Food and drinks are not permitted in the exhibition. Sun - Mon closed.

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Netting - guided activity

The netting session is a perfect activity for both children and adults. All participants are equipped with waders and nets. We wade into the water and look for animals that live in the sea. Our nature guides give tips and tricks and informs where to find most of the animals. In our shallow aquarium back on land, we go through what we have found and maybe some of the animals will move into our big aquariums!  

Time required: 60 minutes.

Who can participate: Everyone (min shoe size is 22).

Number per group: 15 participants, children born in 2016 and later must have a participating adult who also books a spot.

Equipment: Wading boots (available from size 22 to 50) and nets.

Barnens hav - guided activity

Barnens hav is adapted for children of preschool age. The children get to sit on our raft and get to know the animals in Öresund and look down below the surface with water binoculars.


We also stop at the shallower areas and try to net for animals, seaweed and algae.

Time required: 60 minutes

Who can participate: Children born 2018 - 2022 with an accompanying adult. 1 adult can participate with maximum of 2 children. Everyone makes a reservation.

Number per group: 9 participants in total (incl. adults). Max 4 reservations per booking.

Equipment: Nets and water binoculars included, also waders and life jacket. Come in swimsuits or other water resistant clothing.


Snorkeling - guided activity

This snorkeling session is suitable for children and adults with no or little snorkeling experience. Swimming skills are not required because we snorkel in shallow water. All participants can borrow wetsuits, snorkels and masks and in calm conditions we practice snorkeling techniques. Then we snorkel around and see what is hidden under the surface.  

Time required:  75 minutes.

Who can participate: Everyone born 2017 and earlier.

Number per group: 10 participants, children born in 2015 - 2017 must be accompanied by a participating adult who also books a spot.

Equipment:  Snorkeling equipment included, bring towel and swimwear.


Snorkeling in deeper water - guided activity

This snorkeling session is for older children and adults who are proficient in swimming and have good snorkeling experience. All participants may borrow wetsuits, snorkels and masks. Together we swim out and experience the flora and fauna in deeper water. We bring a safety buoy that you can rest with if you need to.

Time required:  75 minutes.

Who can participate: Everyone with good snorkeling experience born in 2014 and earlier.

Number per group: 8 participants.

Equipment:  Snorkeling equipment included, bring towel and swimwear.


Sea Wagon - on your own

The Sea Wagon is exactly what it sounds like - a wagon fully loaded with equipment for an excursion in the sea and along the beach. Nets, binoculars, magnifying glassesidentification key maps, etc. give you good conditions to discover life in Öresund on your own! We help you to determine the species if something seems difficult, take a picture and show us when you return.


Here are videos on how to net and use the identification key map.  

Time required: max 2 hours

Who can book: Families  and groups of all ages! At least 1 adult per booking.

Number per booking: 1 wagon has equipment for about 6 people.

Viewing of the ocean aquarium - guided activity

Our nature guides display the ocean friends temporarily inhabiting our shallow ocean aquarium and tell us about Öresund's rich and fascinating animal and plant life. No pre-registration required, day and time can be found in the activity calendar.

​Time required: approx. 15 - 20 min

Who can participate: Everyone, no pre-registration required. Limited number of places around the ocean aquarium.

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