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We host a number of large and small events every year. Sometimes by ourselves, but usually in collaboration with schools, associations, organizations, municipal administrations and so on. Sometimes naturum Öresund is the main organizer, sometimes we participate in events to which we are invited. Some major events recur annually, like World Ocean's Day and World Cleanup Day.


Evenemang VMD

World Cleanup Day

Saturday 16 September is World Cleanup Day - come and make an effort for the sea by cleaning a piece of the beach!


Litter collection equipment is available to borrow and everyone who helps gets a sausage* to grill as a thank you for their help. We keep the grills warm from 12.00!


Create with Malmö Konsthall

We also have visits from Malmö Konsthall's workshop! Create with inspiration from the sea and materials collected on the beach. 

Drop in. For all ages. Led by the art gallery's pedagogues.


Open at 11-15. Welcome!


*as long as the sausages last, vegetarian options are also available.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 10.05.32.png

Naturum celebrates 50 years!

50 years ago, in 1973, the country's first nature center was inaugurated to increase understanding of protected nature. Sweden's nature is fantastic, with a wealth of species to be proud of, cherish and show off. 
The first naturum to open were on Gotland, Öland and Omberg. Today there are 32 naturums in Sweden, from Abisko in the north to Öresund in the south.


Naturum functions as a gateway to nature and is often adjacent to protected natural areas such as national parks and nature reserves. 
Everyone is welcome to naturum to gain inspiration, knowledge and experiences that invite you to explore and preserve nature and biodiversity. In the future, the 50-year-old wants to invite you to seas, lakes, meadows and forest and a multitude of life in protected nature.

Saturday, September 9 we celebrated the anniversary at 

naturum Öresund.



Faculty of Engineering LTH started Havsresan in 1990 and havsresan has since created engagement and pointed to important cultural and environmental issues in the sea and coast. We expect that Havsresan will result in an increased awareness of the local environment and marine cultural history in our seas where Havsresan is carried out.

Local authorities, companies and the public are invited to participate in the project. We want to show the public, and especially children and young people, the values of the ocean and the coast. We want to arouse their interest so they want to know more and make them want to protect our coast and our seas.

This year, the field week was held May 15 to 20.

World Ocean Day

We celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8, every year! This day is celebrated all over the world to emphasise the importance of the sea for our planet and what we can do together to take care of it. Together with the general public, associations and organizations, we make an effort for the marine environment by cleaning the beach together. There is also the opportunity to test a lot of fun and exciting sea-related activities with us and our many partners during the day. 

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