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Exhibition Öresund below the surface

Naturum Öresund's interactive exhibition takes you closer to life below the surface in a fun and educational way. By seeing, hearing, feeling and tasting, you can understand more about the sea and why it is so important that we take care of it.


You can discover some of Öresunds biotopes in our four aquariums: beachfront, bladder wrack forest, blue mussel reef and the beach meadow. Some of the species you can encounter are the colorful corkwing wrasse, well-camouflaged flatfish, slender pipefish and fencing green crabs. 


Put on your lab coat and step into the role of a marine biologist! Look for plankton - the sea's smallest but most important organisms - in our microscopes, or experience a new underwater world with VR glasses! Taste different parts of the world ocean and see if you can pair the right salinity with the correct location on the world map! 


In our creative workshop you can paint and create, read exciting books about the sea in our cozy reading corner or play games with your friends.

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