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School holidays

During the school holidays you can visit us and participate in activities that are adapted to the season. 

Autumn holiday

During the autumn holidays, naturum Öresund invites you to Halloween by the sea with lots of fun activities. During 2023, visitors together with naturum's pirates could fish out mutated fish from the poisoned ocean, create deep-sea octopuses in our creative workshop, go on a mysterious quiz walk or take part in story time in the deep sea!

February holiday

During the February holiday 2024, our visitors participated in creating frosty salt paintings in our creative workshop and helped our nature guides collect seaweed in the activity "How does it work?"

Easter holiday 2024

During the Easter break naturum is open Tue - Thu at 11-16. Then we take the opportunity to welcome spring in the sea and explore what happens below the surface. This year you can take part in our workshop Planktonaurium and go out into the sea with waders and nets in the guided activity netting. Our creative workshop is open at all other times for all creative souls!


The Planktonaurium workshop is held Tue 26/3 at 13-14 and is for children born 2007-2014. Advance booking is required. Accompanying adult to participating children is welcome to join, but does NOT book a spot, only participating children book a spot in the workshop.

The netting activity takes place on Wed 27/3 and Thu 28/3 at 13-14 and requires advance booking. Everyone who vill participate in the activity, book a spot, child or adult.

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