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Guided programs

The basis of our educational programs is to arouse curiosity and create a relationship with the Ocean. In addition to the curriculum, our pedagogy is based on the Sustainable Development Goals and we link experiences in the Ocean such as netting, snorkelling and boat trips, to theory through exercises and discussions about sustainability. 

Lek & leta på naturum

Lek & leta akvarier.jpg

Target group: Preschool 3-5 years, preschool classes, year 1

Number of participants: 20 participants + teachers

Time required: 1.5 h incl. time for snack 

Location: naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö 

Naturum Öresund is a place for discoveries and experiences and this winter preschoolers, preschool classes and year 1 can learn about Öresund's fascinating ecosystem by exploring and creating in the Lek och leta program at Naturum.

In this educational program, the children learn more about their immediate environment beneath the surface by getting to know those who live in Öresund's exciting underwater world. The program is designed to combine play and learning through, among other things, species hunting in the exhibition and free creation in naturum's creative workshop.

The program includes time for snack and, when the weather permits, some free play at the Öresund thematic playground, which is right next to the Naturum.

Rädda havet med Sjöbusan


Target group: Preschool, elementary school year 1, special needs school

Number of participants: 26 participants + teacher

Time required: 2.5 h incl. time for snack

Location: Naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö 

In this program we introduce our vital ocean to our younger participants. A message in a bottle from Sjöbusan leads to play and learning about why the ocean is so important. 


In wading pants and equipped with nets and water binoculars, the children also explore life below the surface and discover what animals and plants live there. 

Håll balansen i havet


Target group: Primary school year 2-3, special primary school

Number of participants: 26 participants + teachers

Time required: 2.5 h incl. time for snack

Location: Naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö 

Håll balansen i havet is an outdoor-based program where we explore life in the sea and on the shore.


We equip ourselves with wading boots, nets and binoculars and discover the near-shore Öresund and which animals and plants live here. We introduce the different parts of the ecosystem both through netting and assignments on the beach. Together we take a closer look at the species we find and create an understanding of life in Öresund.

Strand och tång


Target group: Middle school and junior high school, special needs school

Number of participants: 30 participants + teachers

Time required: 1.5 h incl. snack break

Location 1: Sibbarp beach

Location 2: naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö 

During the spring term 2024, we offer the program Strand och tång for both middle and junior high school. A total of 12 classes get the opportunity to participate in this two-meeting program with a nature guide from naturum Öresund.


On the first occasion, the students get to explore the local ecosystem around Sibbarp's beach by doing different kinds of measurements and observations as well as discussions about their observations. The students get the opportunity to sort and group algae, seaweed and seagrass as well as rehearse related concepts such as photosynthesis. The second meeting takes place at naturum Öresund. We will take the opportunity to talk about sustainable development and explore the inhabitants of the shoreline through wading and netting. The program package is a collaboration between Pedagogisk Inspiration and naturum Öresund.

Fully booked

Upptäck havet


Target group: Upper secondary school years 1-3, special needs secondary school

Number of participants: 15 participants + teachers

Time required: 2.5 h incl. snack break

Location: naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö 

In our educational program "Upptäck havet" we explore Öresund through snorkelling and free-diving. Freediving means staying under the surface of the water while holding your breath. In our case, that means investigating what lies beneath the surface of our shallow ocean. We start the morning by talking about Öresund and its unique ecosystem and go through things to think about when free-diving. To get comfortable in the water we do some breathing and relaxation exercises traditionally used in free-diving and yoga.


Equipped with wetsuits, fins and a mask and snorkel we then give you the opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of the sea in a way that is both relaxed, safe and stimulating.

Fully booked
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