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To do in the vicinity

In addition to the activities you can participate in together with us, there is plenty to discover in the sea and on the beach on your own. Below you find tips on what you can do in the vicinity when naturum Öresund is closed.

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Kayla krabbas Quest path

Outside the center and along Ribersborgsstranden you will find Kayla krabbas Quest Path. Follow the path and complete the missions to learn more about Öresund's animals and plants. You will find the first sign at the entrance to naturum Öresund.

ATTENTION! Three of the signs have been vandalised during the summer of 2023 and will be restored eventually.


Beach cleaning

Outside the center you will find our beach cleaning kit! There are litter pickers and buckets here so that you easily and efficiently can collect litter along Ribersborg beach. When you are finished, come back to the nature center and separate the rubbish for recycling in our bins.

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Outdoor bingo

Bring a friend to the beach and do as many of the bingo activities you want and can!

Click here to download the outdoor bingo.

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Species bingo

Go on an exploratory trip by the beach and see how many species in the species bingo you can find!

Download the species bingo here!

The snorkel trail

If you have your own snorkeling equipment, you can explore our snorkel trail on your own. The trail stretches between bridges 6 and 7 and consists of a number of underwater boards that are marked with buoys at the surface. Each board contains pictures and information about some of Öresunds residents. Remember to take care of each other in the water and to never snorkel alone!

See map here .

Thematic playground Öresund

Malmö's new thematic playground Öresund is very popular. Here you can play lifeguard, climb fishing nets, walk into a lumpfish and much more. Playground Öresund is located right next to naturum Öresund. The playground was inaugurated in May 2020 .

See map here .

Ecosystem services from the sea - beach walk

Along the southern part of Ribersborgsstranden there are a number of signs with information about ecosystem services from the sea. Take a walk on the beach and learn more about why we need the sea! You will find the signs between bridge 5 and bridge 9.  

See map here.

The South Coast Trail

Since 2019 the South Coast Trail - Sweden's third nationally classified tourism cycle route - passes through Ribersborgsstranden. The South Coast Trail is a coastal cycle path that stretches from Simrishamn to Helsingborg. Take a shorter or longer bike ride and discover our beautiful coast!


Here is a link to more information.

Blue spots - grains of gold along the coast

The sea is one of Malmö's largest natural biotopes.  Do you want to discover the nature close to the city and the sea in Malmö? Below you can find some of the blue spots in Malmö: a number of beautiful places to visit along the coastline - from Västra hamn in the north to Klagshamns headland in the south. The spots are easily accessible and are suitable for both planned and more spontaneous visits. Below you can read about the blue spots history and surroundings. 

Västra hamnen

That the Västra hamnen area is the place of set records is perhaps not so well known. But in 1966, Kockums built the world's largest dock here, in 1973-74 the world's largest gantry crane, which led to the world's largest order backlog. Then came the oil crisis, which was the beginning of Kockums decline and fall.

Already in the 1770s, the water area north of the then natural shoreline began to be filled in. When the last filling work was done in 1987, the area of land known today as Västra hamnen was created. From the beginning, Västra hamnen was a workplace for many, with large employers and industries such as Kockums and Saab. The housing fair Bo01 in 2001 was the start of a completely new residential area, which in 2005 was crowned with a new landmark: Turning Torso. During the last decade, construction in Västra hamnen has continued. Housing now coexists with Malmö University, SVT and many other large and small companies.

Västra hamnen quickly attracted many visitors, among other things through its promenade and the viewing platform, which soon began to be used as a bathing area. In 2005, therefore, the Scaniabadet deep-sea swimming pool was built, in the Scania Park, which is in the northern part of the area. Today, Scaniabadet offers a 75-metre-long and 20-metre-wide sun deck with sitting steps and piers and, of course, the opportunity for wonderful dips in the Sound for those of you who can swim.

In the sea below the promenade and Scania Park, there are, in addition to sandy bottoms, eel grass beds. They play a large and important role as the ocean's nursery. Here, under the protection of the slender, sweeping eel grass, sprat, plaice, kelp, and kelp shrimp can grow. Above the meadows just below the surface of the water you will find moon jellyfish. Västra Hamnen, due to its proximity to the sea, also has a rich birdlife. If you are interested in birds, in addition to the seagulls, swans and geese, you can also find terns, eiders, grebes and wigeons, sandpipers and great cormorants in and by the water around the promenade and Scania Park.

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