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About us

Naturum are found all over Sweden and act as a gateway to nature. They are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for all ages to learn more about our nature and the environment. In a naturum you can get to know more about the animals, plants, geology and cultural history that shaped the area you are in. But a visit to naturum should not replace the visit to nature, it aims to inspire and facilitate natural experiences through exhibitions, activities, nature trails and information about the local area.  

At Naturum Öresund, we focus on the sea and life below the surface. The fantastic diversity of Öresund becomes visible and you can get to know the inhabitants of Öresund by netting and snorkeling with us, or by exploring our interactive exhibition that holds aquariums, microscopes, VR snorkeling and much more. 


In the mornings, we accommodate preschool groups and school classes in various educational programs. The programs focus on the sea, the environment and sustainability - based on the global goals for sustainable development. The public is welcome to naturum Öresund during afternoons and weekends. In summer we are open to everyone the whole day. 

With the work we do at naturum Öresund, we want to contribute to an increased awareness of the sea by inspiring natural experiences aiming to arouse curiosity about the sea and the spreading of knowledge about its crucial importance for life on our planet. 

Our activities are available to everyone. Do you have special needs? Talk to us and we'll solve it! It is free to visit naturum 

Öresund and all activities are free of charge unless otherwise stated. 

The principal for naturum Öresund is the cultural administration in the city of Malmö.

Marine Educational Center - We run the busines

Marine Educational Center in Malmö is an economic association that conducts activities in marine pedagogy and marine development. The association's vision is to influence the conditions for a viable sea by promoting knowledge, awareness and responsibility of citizens, businesses and decision-makers. 

Marine pedagogy

We want to break the surface and believe that everyone - children, young people and the elderly, regardless of background and opportunities - have the right to have access to knowledge about the sea and become ocean literate. Through our pedagogical work, we want to arouse the participants' interest and commitment to the fantastic environment that hides beneath the surface and to experience how fun it is to do learning outdoors. The association's marine pedagogical activities are partly financed by Malmö city. 

Marine development

Concerning marine development, we run projects with a focus on sustainability and innovation. The project results build knowledge and understanding which is subsequently channeled to the activities within marine pedagogy and promotes the development of new concepts and projects.

Read more about the Marine Educational Center here.


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