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Life on land and in the sea on Klagshamnsudden

Join a guided tour of life on Klagshamnsudden then and now, on land and in the sea!

Klagshamnsudden nature reserve is a real gem and during the guided tour we explore the area's history and present, as well as what is hidden under the surface in the sea around the headland.


We take water samples to collect and look at the smallest animals and plants in the sea, the plankton. The most important animals and plants on our planet.

Time required:  ca. 2 hours

Who can participate: Everyone

Number per group:   15 participants

Equipment:  Bicycle and preferably a hot drink

Opportunity: New times coming this spring

No more available occasions

Snorkelling on the trail


Det här snorklingspasset är för dig som är simkunnig och har snorklat en del tidigare. Alla deltagare får låna våtdräkt, snorkel, cyklop och skor innan vi ger oss ut på snorklingsleden. Leden sträcker sig mellan brygga 6 och 7 och består av ett antal undervattenstavlor med bilder och information om några av Öresunds invånare.

Time required:  1 hour.

Who can participate: All with prior snorkelling experience, born in 2014 and earlier.

Number per group:  10 participants.

Equipment:  Snorkelling equipment included, bring towel and swimwear.

Nya tider kommer snart

How does it work?
- aquariums, seaweed and filter room


In the Hur funkar det? -session, curious children and adults get to help our nature guides collect seaweed and other things for our aquariums! Wearing wading boots and clothes according to the weather, we step into the winter sea and look for nice algae to put in the exhibition aquariums. Back at naturum, participants learn more about naturum's aquariums care and about the inhabitants of the aquariums.

Time required: about 1 hour

Who can participate:  All born 2016 and earlier.  

Group size:  6 participants, children born in 2015 and later must have a participating adult who also books a place.

Equipment:  Wading boots included.

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