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Programs on your own

Sometimes the educational programs at naturum Öresund become fully booked. Fortunately, there is an option for you and your class!


We have developed several educational programs for teachers and students to work with on their own. This is part of Malmö City's didactic resource bank Malmö delar. Here you will find complete lesson packages and teacher guides on a variety of topics, including our programs about the sea.

If you want to know more about Malmö delar - click here


Öresund and Us

Target group: Elementary school year 2 and 3

Half of Malmö municipality's area consists of water, despite this, many of us do not really know what and who lives in the waters near our shores.

In this lesson package, students get to know more about who lives and what grows by the shore. At Öresund's shoreline, students will collect data and document their field study. They have prepared themselves in the classroom by placing themselves on the map, both locally and globally, seen from a sea perspective.

This work area consists of three lessons (in Swedish):

1. The Ocean and Us

2. What lives in the sea? A field study 

3. Finishing work - processing of collected material


Hopp i havet - about the ocean ecosystem

Target group: Primary school year 4-6, special primary school

Most of us are used to seeing Öresund from above, but what is hidden beneath the surface?


"Jump in the sea" is a work area that will provide an opportunity to increase knowledge about the sea and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals with a special focus on goal 14 Life below the surface and sub-goals 14.2 Protect and restore ecosystems. Through theoretical and practical steps, the ecosystems in Öresund's marine environment are explored.

This work area consists of three different parts:

  1. Who eats whom?

  2. Field study - Jump in the sea

  3. Finishing work - processing of collected material


Plastic in the marine ecosystem

Target group: Compulsory school year 7-9, special special school

The impact of humans on nature is becoming more and more visible.  Plastic is a material that is used a lot, but how is water and wildlife outside Malmö affected by humans' use of plastic products?


By learning more about and examining everyday life and the local environment, students gain tools about their own impact and are given tools for their own ability towards action from a sustainability perspective.

This work area consists of five different parts:

  1. Global goals

  2. Plastic around us

  3. What happens to the waste?

  4. Netting along the shores of Öresund

  5. Where is the rubbish? What can I do?


Havet och vi -
igital program with shore excursion

Target group: Elementary school grades 4-9, elementary special school

The program consists of three parts:  


1. Work in the classroom based on materials from naturum Öresund 

2. Beach excursion with Havslådan , an excursion kit that teachers and students work on on their own, which is booked and picked up at naturum Öresund.

3. A digital question time with our educators.

To book the digital question time please send an email to

Click here to book Havslådan

Havslådan - Beach excursion on your own

Target group:   Preschool, primary and lower secondary school, upper secondary school, upper secondary special school

Location:   Naturum Öresund, Ribersborgsstigen 4, Malmö

Havslådan is a self-guided activity box that contains all the equipment you need to net and explore along the shoreline. You book Havslådan for a whole day and can use it for as long as you want between 09.00 - 15.00. Short instructional videos on how to use the equipment can be found on our Youtube channel


Havslådan is also included as a field study part in the programs Öresund and Us for year 2-3, Hopp I havet - about the sea ecosystem for year 4-6 and Plastic in the ocean ecosystem for years 7-9 which you reach via Malmö delar.

Indicate when booking, under "Other info", if you are carrying out any of the above mentioned programs.


Contents of the sea box: 30 nets, 2 water binoculars, 5 buckets, 5 white troughs, 5 two-way magnifiers, 5 magnifying glasses, 5 writing boards, 5 key charts, 1 thermometer.


Bring your own: rubber boots / shoes that can withstand wet, non gentle clothes. NOTE! Wading boots are not included in Havslådan. 

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