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Naturum Öresund is for everyone. We respect everyone's right to function in different ways and we always do what we can so that everyone can participate in our activities and have a positive experience of the sea. If you have special needs, talk to the staff and we will do our best to find a good solution! Are you a teacher and have booked an educational program with us, and have students with special needs? Feel free to contact us a week or so before your visit, and we will try to find the best solutions to make the visit as rewarding as possible for all participants!


Naturum Öresund is completely free of stairs and level differences. Right at the entrance there are about ten disabled parking spaces. Wheelchair access inside the center is good and there is a disabled toilet with changing table. The center is located next to Öresund funkis - the bath without obstacles, and there is a road for wheelchair users that leads all the way from the center out to the water. For activities in the water, we have floating armchairs that make it possible for people with limited mobility to participate.   

In the reception there is an exhibition guide to borrow with pictures and text in easy Swedish. 


The texts in the exhibition can also be listened to. Borrow a tablet and headphones at the reception and scan the QR codes that are situated around the exhibition.  

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